Based in the heart of the Tees Valley in North-East England, Spearhead combine cutting-edge technology, world-leading thinking, deep industry expertise and a passion for the highest levels of customer service across a dedicated, creative and collaborative workforce.



Spearhead are committed to helping our clients build stronger, more innovative and more agile businesses regardless of size, sector or agenda.


Through Spearhead and our award-winning use of traditional and bleeding-edge technology, we enable every organisation, from SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) businesses through to global corporations and governments address a triple mandate; to make thier current processes and activities as efficient, productive and cost effective as possible, to identify and create the opportunity to develop alternative revenue channels, and to invest in innovation to release new potential across their organisations.

This is what makes Spearhead unique – our ability to assist our clients in meeting all three agendas, simultaneously.


Using our powerful technology solutions we help them ensure that any area of their core business operations run better, faster and cheaper; ultimately enhancing productivity.


Our unique high-level knowledge of an industry sector we are actively defining means we are uniquely placed to offer and support new monetisation opportunities as a secondary benefit.


We conceptualise, contextualise, create and implement new hardware and software capabilities to transform legacy models of operation and drive businesses forwards – based on the personal needs and requirements of our clients.

Spearhead develop purposeful software applications for our clients using ultra-flexible and extremely powerful rendering engines. Traditionally, these are used to create entertainment software products within the multi-billion dollar games industry, however Spearhead are repurposing this technology to enable the development of next-generation business tools and bespoke 3D software.