Every member of staff at Spearhead understands and embraces an established set of core cultural values.


Customer-FeedbackCustomer Focus:

Our customers are our reason for being.

It is the delight experienced by our customers that powers our business and drives our success. At every step, regardless of project size, Spearhead ensure each of our solutions are delivered to the highest possible quality. Exceeding customer expectations is our belief. Every team member is fully aware that the customer is why we exist and that our focus on customer satisfaction is paramount

passion Passion:

Enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, commitment and continually going the extra mile.

Everything we do at Spearhead is done with a real and tangible passion; Each member of our staff does whatever it takes to help our clients succeed – at all times. We promote this passion at every opportunity in order to develop and sustain our customers, our communities, our environment and our organisation.


Achieving targets through collaboration.

Much of our success at Spearhead is due to the management and organisation of people, roles and responsibilities within our teams. We tirelessly impliment processes which aid in the sharing and communication of knowledge across the business to ensure we are able to better serve our customers.


The cornerstone of every decision we make.

To Spearhead, integrity means standing up for what you believe in, treating clients and colleagues with respect and doing the right things – always. We never compromise on our integrity.


Define the problem, create the solution and make it happen.

Spearhead deliver results through taking the initiative and engineering solutions to address the challenges faced by our clients; this is what defines us. Our organisation is built on a belief in end-to end ownership, responsibility, accountability and recognition.


Communication is the key to success.

Spearhead believe in openness, transparency and honest communication across the whole business. Members of our team are exceptionally talented, focussed and intellectual individuals, yet everyone working at Spearhead works together as a collective to ensure success for our clients. We expect a lot from our employees, yet collaboration and respect underpin everything we do.