Spearhead are delighted to be working with up-and-coming freelance jewellery designer Debbie Claxton in producing an interactive 3D app for iOS and Android, showcasing her latest collection.

The unique SLS Ware collection designed by Debbie contains five stunning pieces which embrace her passion for working with fine metals, jewellery, glass and 3D printing; combining both traditional and modern techniques to create an engaging visual juxtaposition that not only highlights the potential of new technologies, but also the beauty of traditional processes.

Her efforts in exploring the relationship between traditional and new material processes to produce innovative designs has led to her work being exhibited across the UK. By working with Spearhead Debbie continues this trend of innovation, returning the completed tangible pieces to a digitised state and bringing them to life within an interactive, globally accessible mobile application.

Spearhead have been tasked to come up with a solution that will allow Debbie to showcase  and differentiate her SLS Ware collection, providing information on the pieces and enabling engagement across each design.

Due to the purpose of the application, visual quality is naturally the highest priority, both in regards to the 3D assets and the design and functionality for the interface. Using current-generation mobile devices as a bench-mark, Spearhead are investing time and effort to ensure the application is as slick as possible; combining realistic interactive models, animated interfaces, collection datasheets, a direct contact form and links to Debbie’s website.

The development of the Debbie Claxton SLS Ware app has been an enlightening process – both technically and figuratively, as our first commercial showcase app for multiple high-end products.

The application will be launched on 8th July for Android users, with an iOS version following soon after.  We look forward to receiving your feedback when you get to try the app out for yourselves in the coming weeks.

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