Wilton Engineering, MPI Offshore, Simpson & Allinson and iEvo are amongst a growing number of regional companies that are using custom-built 3D computer programmes and Apps to support their businesses.


Spearhead create interactive 3D software, with their applications meeting many remits including project planning and execution, site or facilities management, product prototyping, and sales and marketing. They are also heavily invested in building 3D training applications for commercial use.

The ambitious Middlesbrough-based firm want to make ‘virtual’ training accessible to SMEs and are utilising decades of research into software development, human psychology and human physiology to develop affordable and effective real-time 3D software; with applications tailored to meet the needs of the process sector.

‘Scenario training’ is tried-and-tested technique that has been used by the military, large industries and the emergency services to effectively train employees.

Their research into this area has been steadily gathering momentum and a loan from the UK Steel Enterprise Regeneration Fund earlier this year has helped them to further developments.

Dan Riley, MD at Spearhead Interactive said: “’Scenario training’ in general is a proven and useful way to enable staff to hone their skills. It’s a resource that is used by multiple industries to provide familiarity with processes to aid efficiency, productivity, service or safety.

“It was serious games and virtual world technology that first enabled this training to be run digitally. Research conducted into virtual training has shown increases in knowledge retention up to 70% higher than traditional real-world training. Naturally, virtual training is also particularly useful if learning is conducted in dangerous or hazardous situations.

“Spearhead Interactive are re-purposing powerful technology traditionally used to create entertainment software in order to develop commercial solutions for the public and private sector.”

As well as creating PC, Mac and mobile applications, Spearhead Interactive is pioneering developments in the Virtual Reality sector with investments in the latest technology; head-mounted displays, 360 ̊ treadmills, finger and body tracking systems and sensory feedback suits that enable users to see, move, interact and even feel the virtual environment around them.

Dan said. “Our custom-built interactive 3D environments enable business to give their staff the most immersive training experiences possible and strengthen learning in a space that is both safe and familiar.

“We want to make this technology accessible to small and medium sized firms as well as larger organisations. We live in an age where the processing power of an average home PC is easily capable of rendering detailed 3D environments and spaces. This means that the expensive simulator you used to have to travel to can be replaced by an in-house PC and some affordable and easy to use equipment.”

The software developed by Spearhead Interactive can provide believable 3D environments and connect more than 100 individuals from anywhere in the world to navigate, communicate, collaborate and train. Full back-end tracking and accreditation is available as necessary with impacts across the entire education spectrum.

View a range of 3D applications at To arrange a demonstration or to find out more please contact the team at or call +44 (0) 1642 384 118.


This article was originally written and published by the North East Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) for their BASME August Member Newsletter. 

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