The latest application to be developed by Spearhead launched on mobile platforms last month at the start of the world-famous Southampton Boat show – one of the largest on-water boat shows in Europe and the biggest of its type here in the UK.

The release of the motor yacht engine guide commissioned by MAN Engines & Components was announced by Spearhead earlier this month live on stage at Europe’s leading Virtual Reality conference, VRTGO where we had the honour of speaking and exhibiting.

MAN Engines & Components approached Spearhead wanting to develop an app that would meet two core briefs:

  • To contain everything that a yacht owner, broker or enthusiast might need as a dedicated service offering to their customers and partners.
  • To attract and engage visitors at exhibitions they attend.

Spearhead met the first challenge by developing an application with several major components. Local databases were set up to feed information on seven different engines (and respective performance data) into the app; we also created procedurally generated flow graphs for fuel consumption and power/torque; and we developed an interactive 3D globe which was scripted to recognise longitude and latitude co-ordinates and overlaid more than 400 selectable dealer locations referenced from local and cloud-held databases.

To engage visitors, we first identified the issues we were looking to solve. Feedback from MAN Engines & Components suggested that generally, people were familiar with their engines but wanted to see something different; additionally, the transportation costs for an engine the size of a Mini were not insignificant. This led us to the creation of an augmented reality replica of their V12-1800 marine engine. We attached the 3D model to a trigger image which, when scanned through the app loads the replica of the engine for visitors to explore through their mobile phones and tablets.

This solution has enabled MAN Engines & Components to reduce exhibition set-up and transportation costs significantly whilst also providing a real attraction for visitors to engage with and become familiar with the MAN brand in a new and exciting way.

We are incredibly proud of the application we have developed, but even more-so in regards to the support for real-time technologies by MAN Engines & Components. The Augmented Reality engine took pride of place at their stand, and with the trigger image available on coasters for visitors to take away, everyone got a free V12-1800 engine to take home with them.

The Motor Yacht MAN Engine Guide is now available on both Android and iOS. Click the icons to be taken to your app-store of choice.


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