The Brief:

Debbie’s SLS Ware collection presents the idea of using additive manufacturing and non-traditional materials in contemporary design. Originating from hand forged wire jewellery, the collection exemplifies this, using selective laser sintering to create highly intricate jewellery pieces, combined with precious metal and glass accents.

The collection aims to explore this future relationship by providing examples that embrace both traditional and modern techniques, creating an engaging visual juxtaposition that, not only highlights the potential of new technologies, but also the beauty of traditional processes.

Spearhead have developed an interactive mobile application to showcase five of the SLS Ware pieces in high-fidelity real-time 3D. Efforts have been made to ensure that the majority of users will be able to access and experience the app, however certain devices may struggle or fail to load the content due to the processing power of older devices (particularly Android devices). Please direct all feedback to

Use the Debbie Claxton SLS Ware app to access information and fully interactive 3D models for five stunning pieces:

  • Tab Bracelet


  • Flexi Bracelet
  • Ring
  • SLS Ware Bracelet
  • Ornate Pendant