Demonstrator 1: Product Visualisation

Demonstrator 1: Product Visualisation

The Brief

“To devise an example of how 3D CAD data can be used within an online sales scenario”

The Solution:

This demonstrator contains an interactive 3D product embedded within a non-functional website; created in order to present what Spearhead believes is the next logical, yet significant step in the evolution of product visualisation online.



Interrogate, explore and engage with the product as you immerse yourself in the experience – an experience that is wholly created and controlled by you.

Through this demonstrator, users can access functionality to:
  • navigate freely around the product
  • view traditional 2D images and product videos
  • cycle through additional colour options
  • assess product dimensions
  • toggle on-screen controls
  • enlarge 3D product view
  • toggle feature labels


By allowing and enabling this level of interactivity and engagement with products, users are able to make faster decisions and conclusions about the item they are evaluating, without being dictated to in terms of what they should be seeing – as is the case with image and video content. This is turn enables a faster conversion rate for the seller and a more enjoyable purchase experience for the buyer.

We do not propose 3D CAD to ever replace image or video media; users will still have access to traditional forms of media which they can additionally enjoy and consume. Instead we present our demonstrator as a way to complement existing media, juxtaposing our 3D CAD next to these as a next-generation online sales tool.

3D product solutions are developed and exported out as a web-player, with access through any web browser on PC or mac. These can be embedded in any area of a web-site as simply as an image or video.