The Brief:

The new Motor Yacht MAN Engine Guide app has been designed to include all of the information that an owner, broker or enthusiast might need at the touch of a button.

  • Technical information for the high speed pleasure engine range details the engines from the 800hp straight six all of the way through to the class leading 1,800hp V12. Contains information regarding engine dimensions, performance data and animated graphs for both power / torque and fuel consumption.
  • An interactive map of over 400 global authorised service stations will help you to find our highly trained dealers and genuine parts wherever your yacht might take you.
  • Experience our range topping V12-1800 in stunning 3D augmented reality. Simply point the camera on your mobile phone or tablet at the trigger image and the engine will spring up before your eyes! The trigger image is available in our paper brochures, on our coasters we take to exhibitions or you can download the image directly from the app itself.

MAN Truck & Bus develops, produces and sells a wide range of efficient diesel and gas engines for extremely varied applications in many industries.

Beside being installed in the trucks and buses produced by the MAN Group, MAN engines are used in the following areas, among others: in commercial vehicles from other manufacturers, for power generation in cogeneration plants and as drive units in agricultural machinery, rail vehicles, ships and boats and special-purpose vehicles.

The ratings of the MAN engines range from 37 kW to 1,324 kW (50 hp – 1,800 hp). There are 4- and 6-cylinder in-line units and 8-, 10- and 12-cylinder V engines. MAN engines stand for maximum efficiency. By using top-flight technology MAN achieves minimum fuel consumption rates, excellent power densities and maximum reliability, and all that with a long service life.

Download the MY MAN Engine Guide using the Android and iOS icons to the right.