Proof of Concept 2: First Aid Kit Training

Proof of Concept 2: First Aid Kit Training

The Brief:

“To devise an example of how 3D CAD data can be used to augment and improve a digital health and safety exercise”

The Solution:

This proof of concept is presented as a fully working activity whereby users must correctly identify the eight correct items which belong in a first aid kit.



Spearhead have included multiple elements of functionality to engage and immerse the user in the activity through the use of 2D and 3D animation and also user-psychology and game theory.

By populating the first aid kit with 3D models of the selections made by the user, we are able to visualise elements of causality and provide the user with feelings of progression and accomplishment.

Each selection can be monitored and recorded, from the order of clicks through to the length of time between selections; ensuring the ability to develop fully accredited solutions using 3D technology for any aspect of training or education.

Additionally, through the implementation of branded products into the environment we have also activated alternative revenue streams through the application of unobtrusive, purposeful advertising.