Proof of Concept 3: Patio Door Visualisation

Proof of Concept 3: Patio Door Visualisation

The Brief:

“To devise an example of how 3D CAD data can be used to demonstrate the operation of a complex product and engage with users n a presentation or sales environment”

The Solution:

This proof of concept contains an interactive 3D object (in this case, a patio door) located within a 3D environment. Users are able to interrogate, explore and engage with the product, controlling the patio door operation whilst educating themselves on the benefits and workings of the system and crafting an experience that is wholly created and controlled by them.




Through this proof of concept, users can access functionality to:

  • navigate freely around the product and environment
  • open / close the patio doors manually or automatically
  • turn the environment on / off for product isolation
  • auto-rotate around the scene


Primarily designed as a customer engagement and competitor differentiation tool, the use of 3D CAD data in a sales and marketing context is an extremely powerful proposition.