Proof of Concept 4: Vehicle Interrogation

Proof of Concept 4: Vehicle Interrogation

The Brief:

“To demonstrate potential applications for 3D CAD in aiding understanding and comprehension”

The Solution:

Spearhead developed this proof of concept for NETSA, the North East Trading Standards Agency in response to their requirement for the creation of a second-hand car buyers guide.

This proof of concept contains an interactive 3D object (in this case, a car) located within a 3D space. Users are able to navigate around the vehicle at will and access functionality to enable labels and explode the car into a selection of its component parts.



Through this proof of concept, users can access functionality to:

  • navigate freely around the vehicle
  • toggle proximity-based labels on or off
  • explode the car into component parts


The functionality applied to this demonstrator forms the foundations for a much larger solution which provides a great example of what we mean by visualising big data in context.

Controlling the 3D geometry through the integration of different forms of purposeful information enables visual analysis of processes in real-time; aiding understanding, decision making, monitoring and prediction. By linking in stock control systems, delivery schedules, price per unit details and more to the vehicle and interpreting this visually, we can effectively map out the health of each particular process relative to the plant management, manufacture, distribution and maintenance of that particular car.