Proof of Concept 5: Element Evaluation

Proof of Concept 5: Element Evaluation

The Brief:

“To demonstrate potential applications for 3D CAD when visualising individual components pre-manufacture”

The Solution:

Spearhead developed this proof of concept for Offensive Miniatures as part of their new moulding process using 3D printed components for the initial casts.

This proof of concept contains an interactive 3D object (in this case, a Sherman tank) located within a 3D space. Users are able to navigate around the vehicle at will and access functionality to isolate and view individual component parts which make up the model.



The element evaluation tool was created to quickly and iteratively show amendments to the 3D CAD being used for the prints. Spearhead worked with Offensive Miniatures to define the changes they required from a construction perspective whilst ensuring each component could be successfully 3D printed.


Through this proof of concept, users can access functionality to:

  • navigate freely around the tank
  • access a menu of components
  • reset the model
  • auto-rotate around the tank


The element evaluation tool is ideally suited as a method of visualising multi-component products at the design, pre-manufacture or construction process.