Proof of Concept 7: Roof Sheeting Visualisation

The Brief:

“To demonstrate the production and dissemination of high quality 3D CAD over the web”

The Solution:

Spearhead developed this proof of concept for CA Group, specialists in the fabrication and construction of cold-rolled steel structures.



This proof of concept contains an interactive 3D object (in this case, a cross section of their A-frame sheet roofing structure) located within a 3D space. Users are able to navigate around the cross section at will.

The A-Frame interrogation tool is ideally suited as a method of educating clients about the product or components and their assembly structure, particularly when used in a sales scenario.

The application can be extended to visualise assembly, alter roofing materials (tile colours, shapes, materials etc), add labels for identification of components and materials or any other element of functionality to bring the static model to life and enable CA Group to meet sales, marketing, training or other agendas.