Spearhead offer the following 3D CAD services to our clients, which may be used as discrete services on their own, or as part of the complete development process to create an interactive 3D application.


 creation  Creation

The development team at Spearhead are able to create any form of 3D CAD using industry standard packages. We can use this as a foundation for development of our software solutions, or export the data into any specific format our clients desire – all relative to their own needs, requirements and purposes.



If it exists, we can capture it. Spearhead use the latest in 3D Laser Scanning technology, from small hand-held or turn-table scanners to larger devices which can be transported on-site to capture environments or locations. We can also offer mobile scanning solutions for specific projects – such as measuring coastal erosion or crime scene visualisation.



There are millions of products and components which have already been modelled as part of a manufacturing or visualisation process and have a 3D CAD dataset located somewhere. Spearhead edit or refine any existing 3D CAD as required for inclusion within an application or as an individual service.



Whether our clients require a standard design iteration for their products or there is a requirement to change the 3D CAD in some way beyond minor edits, Spearhead are able to enhance your 3D CAD models as necessary – from singular components or objects through to full environments and architecture.


3D-Print 3D Printing

We position ourselves as a comprehensive provider of complete end-to-end solutions which compliment our core offering. As such, Spearhead are proud to offer best-in-class 3D printing services. From rapid prototyping, component assessment and review, marketing or to simply create a physical model from a conceptual one, the possibilities and purposes for 3D printing are endless.