Access is the key component of our solutions. As such, Spearhead offer an unparalleled and unmatched range of options to choose from in order to utilise our applications and maximise benefit. These, as with all of our services, can be mixed and matched to meet specific requirements or agendas.

Web Browsers

Spearhead are able to embed full 3D solutions onto any web-page, whether held publically or privately; enabling managed, global and instant access to solutions through any web-browser. This removes the need to transfer large files and also the requirement for end users to have potentially expensive software installed.

See how this works for yourself by viewing some of our solutions within the portfolio.

Mobile / Tablet Devices

We offer a fully comprehensive export pipeline for solutions delivered via smart-phones and tablets across all four core operating systems. Spearhead are fully accredited mobile developers across Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone platforms.

Each of our solutions can be easily exported to a mobile platform and made available either publically accessible through submission on the relative platforms app store, or privately by installing the app directly onto the device.

Dedicated Offline Hardware

For commercially sensitive projects or any instance where developments must be kept offline (crime scene visualisation, for example), Spearhead offer our clients a dedicated hardware solution. We build or repurpose portable, discrete and well designed boxes with HDMI connectors to plug into any TV. Also perfect for meeting-rooms or taking to an exhibition or trade-show.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enables us to merge digital content with reality; taking a live view of a real world environment (using the camera function on a mobile device, for example) and overlaying elements of visual data onto this – graphics, 3D CAD, animations and data.

Spearhead are proud to offer our clients the most powerful and purposeful Augmented Reality solutions to meet any need or requirement.

Virtual Reality

Where Augmented Reality overlays simulated data onto the real world, the Virtual Reality solutions on offer from Spearhead replace reality with a fully digital environment.

Spearhead develop cutting edge virtual reality solutions, utilising global partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers. Our offerings extend well beyond head tracking displays like the infamous Oculus Rift to include omni-directional treadmills, body tracking systems and the latest in haptic feedback; ensuring that our clients enjoy unmatched freedom and flexibility when designing their Virtual Reality solutions.

For more details regarding the Virtual Reality services available from Spearhead, click here.