The primary operations at Spearhead involve the layering of functionality onto 3D CAD data in order to create contextualised, purposeful real-time 3D solutions; enabling a generational leap forward in visualisation software.

The applications for each element of functionality on offer from Spearhead are vast and wide, with an unlimited amount of potential. We offer complete flexibility across the full spectrum of services dependant on the scope and purpose of the application; from embedding multiple combinations of functionality into a solution, to the provision of a single service.

Each of our services are developed to a strict brief that ensures that whatever we create for our clients, the solution meets the core purpose and outcome developed within the scoping phase.


Spearhead have a team of talented animators working in-house to bring objects, components, structures and environments to life. We use leading industry software to visualise motion and operation across people and objects using traditional techniques such as keyframing and blending to achieve the desired results. As an extension of this, we also have a strong legacy in the use of motion capture data and have world-class motion capture facilities on-site.


Programming is an extensive service used across the development process. Whatever the purpose of the application, we script actions, causality, systems, animations, functionality and more onto the 3D CAD, whether we’re dealing with an object, a component or an environment.

Programming also plays a significant part in our export process, whether our clients are looking for a mobile app, a web-based solution, or any of our other methods of access.


Visualisation can mean many different things depending on our clients and their projects. For some, it’s the overlay of data onto the 3D CAD and associated navigation and control. For others this could simply be 2D renders or animated flythrough videos of products, components, objects, or spaces.


Spearhead use software with a full physics and particle system as standard. Using this we are able to simulate function and operation; as well as replicate it, taking real-time visualisation to the next level.

Data Integration

One of the most exciting and powerful elements of the Spearhead proposition is the integration of data and systems onto CAD data in order to contextualise and gain an instant visual understanding of a particular process or activity.

Multi-User Spaces

Traditionally, users are treated to a solo experience when accessing software systems or viewing animations, visualisations and other forms of media and content. Through the use of solutions provided by Spearhead, we are able to provide our clients with collaborative, multi-user environments for a range of purposes.

These can be used to connect users on a global level for consultations, feedback exercises, assessment and review of projects, staff or client training or indeed any other function where communication between individuals is of importance.

Text chat or live web-cam feeds can be integrated as standard within a singular space which users are able to navigate around with joint access to any required materials and data.

Environments, structures and areas developed by Spearhead can host 120+ connections – each one a real person located anywhere in the world attending board meetings, trade expos, design consultations, training exercises, investor walkthroughs or simply interacting with a brand collaboratively in real-time with no requirement for expensive hardware or any additional software.