Spearhead are award winning industry leaders in the development of corporate 3D solutions and experiences. Through our experience in virtual reality we showcase our services across an entirely new medium.

We are pioneering developments in the fields of both augmented and virtual reality, creating revolutionary experiences which truly immerse users, enabling interaction and engagement across products, projects, processes, operations and training.


Augmented reality lenses, stereoscopic 3D viewers, low latency head and body tracking, omni-directional movement and haptic feedback combine to create the most comprehensive and immersive experiences in existence.


Integrate existing systems, API’s, sensor data, media, documentation and more to merge disparate resources into a single interactive application, exploring objects and environments in context.


Animation, interactive content, data integration, simulation, visualisation multi-user environments and modules of functionality are merged seamlessly to form purposeful solutions. If you can imagine it, Spearhead can bring it to life.


Spearhead have been developing commercial applications using online 3D technologies since 2007 and have an unmatched knowledge of the development process for our solutions and also the theory that underpins them.

We have combined the vast intellectual capital contained at Spearhead with cutting-edge hardware and software supplied by our world-class partners in order to provide the most comprehensive Virtual Reality solutions currently available. We work with our clients across all areas of the development process to ensure that our incredible solutions meet and surpass the pre-defined goals and objectives.


Spearhead have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the theory and methodologies which make up our technology. The solutions we develop are forged from years of experience providing world-class consultancy; working with our clients to define the correct solution relative to purpose of the application.


Our experience enables the creation of truly groundbreaking solutions for our clients. Spearhead deploy more than 35 years of collective development knowledge across software and hardware to deliver best-in-class augmented and virtual reality applications.


We are on the brink of the virtual reality revolution. Spearhead partner with forward-thinking companies and organisations; working and collaborating on both public and private sector projects to drive forward commercial uptake, prove new concepts and demonstrate their benefits to a global audience.


Through the integration of data Spearhead create experiences that are not merely visual, but are purposeful and engaging. These experiences are made even more powerful when multiple users are connected together to communicate and collaborate, potentially from locations all over the world.


Our services are truly flexible. Spearhead enable engagement across multiple platforms and devices relative to the requirements of our clients, offering traditional PC & Mac solutions or export to mobile and tablet devices.


Spearhead offer full technical evaluations and hardware consultancy alongside fulfillment, installation and training services as standard for all augmented and virtual reality solutions. This ensures our clients are up and running quickly and attain the maximum possible benefit from their experiences.


The era of virtual reality has begun. Spearhead build on our significant legacy by challenging our own thinking and by conducting continual research and development into fields such as user experience design, human psychology, game theory, immersion mechanics and human physiology. Through these activities we ensure that our industry is a sector that we do not just operate within, but actively define.

Spearhead utilise and supply cutting edge Virtual Reality hardware like the infamous Oculus Rift for users to engage with our solutions, however our compete offerings are much more comprehensive.

Spearhead are uniquely placed to also offer omni-directional treadmills, augmented reality viewers, full body tracking systems and haptic devices for real physical feedback. This wholly flexible, mix and match service is available only from Spearhead and ensures that we can deliver the right level of immersion, regardless of requirement, every time.


Bring objects and environments to life with the use of a virtual reality head-tracking unit, including the Oculus Rift.


Walk and run in complete freedom with 360˚ rotation using an omni-directional treadmill.


Sync real-world movement to the virtual world with full one-to-one body tracking for complete immersion in the digital environment.


Make the in-tangible, tangible and feel your in-world actions using the very latest in haptic feedback devices.