Access the first in a series of Whitepapers from Spearhead and find out what happens when we combine our technology with traditional 3D animation.


Spearhead celebrated a small milestone earlier this week with a successful project handover for what we believe to be the first ever commercially produced interactive machinima – a concept which we believe has the potential to revolutionise the 3D animation and video sector.

We hope to be able to bring further details regarding the particular project in the coming weeks, however in the meantime we’d like to celebrate another small milestone with the release of our very first publication. This whitepaper marks the start of a series of papers being written and released by Spearhead to outline the theory, methodologies, applications and benefits of real-time 3D technology in solving, augmenting and revolusionising commercial challenges.

Through this paper Spearhead look to introduce the concept of Interactive Machinima to readers and identify the key benefits of using such a solution as opposed to the more traditional methods of 3D animation and video creation.

As ever, we’d love to know your thoughts – you can email us at, or connect with us directly via our social media channels or through the contact from on our website.


Spearhead Publications: Whitepaper – Interactive Machinima (PDF, 1.36MB)


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